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2021 lecture for DOCOMOMO US/MN on Cabin Culture
Public lecture for DOCOMOMO US/MN research "Cabin Culture." October 2021.
2019 lecture with Interesting Tactics for Goethe in the Skyways, published 2020 Spector Books
photo documentation of Wadsworth Stable, built 1730, in Connecticut, USA
Society of Architectural Historians, Charles E. Peterson fellowship research, 2019. Published 2022. Eight articles about buildings constructed prior to 1840.
Design Quarterly cover, 1971, depicting Walker Art Center entrance in Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis Modernism: Walker Art Center. Research for DOCOMOMO US/MN, published 2021.
Idea House II, 1943, photographed for a popular magazine
Minneapolis Modernism: Idea Houses. Research for DOCOMOMO US/MN, published 2020.
Screenshot of article for Tone Madison
Screenshot of article for X-Commons
Link to a zine made with WIASO, edited and published 2019
Screenshot of an article for Tone Madison


maps of THE LINE in midwest USA
forthcoming! THE LINE with Institute for Linear Research in Midwest USA

designs for ADUs
historic research informed designs for Accessory Dwelling Units in Minneapolis first ring suburbs
Zine made by MDB for Habitability Project
Habitability Project, a 2019 collaboration with Boris Oicherman (Weisman Art Museum), Peng Wu, Neal White, and Interesting Tactics
Website for M.Arch thesis project
M.Arch thesis project "Planetary Chronology" with Meg Lundquist
Theoretical essay using GIS and ESRI storymap
Theoretical essay "Observing Territory" using GIS and ESRI storymap
Research image for Archive Amazonia project
2019 studio project for critic Vahan Misakyan, collaboration with Meg Lundquist and Hana Bushyhead
Image for Sun Valley Homes project
2019 studio project for critic Christine Albertsson
Gif of Issue 4 of Greige Room
GREIGE ROOM: an architectural theory zine edited and written by MDB
Image from SOUP SUCKS
Invitation to Marytopia
MARYTOPIA: forthcoming utopia, first theorized 2018



Architectural worker in the American Midwest. Professional experience in architecture includes researching, writing, designing, teaching. Interest in interdisciplinary collaborations, scalar shifts through time, architectural history, labor and material, and alternate framings of the built environment.

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✿ collaborating with Instutite for Linear Research on new volume about walking THE LINE in the American Midwest. LINK
✿ working as architectural designer-preservationist at AltusWorks, Inc. in Chicago, IL
✿ teaching AIADO 4050: Interiority at School of the Art Institute in Chicago (SAIC), Spring '23


M.Arch 2020, University of Minnesota, School of Architecture.
B.Arts 2014, Carleton College (American Studies).
B. 1992, Omaha, NE.